Concepted and Designed by Craig Cutler, Peg was a structure that stands eight feet tall and eight feet wide on either side. Built by Joshua Sterns out of four foot long oak rods and heavy birch plywood, it weighs over a ton. After living in a studio in SOHO for a year, it traveled to Los Angeles for it’s final showing at Smashbox Studios for the art show Peg + Sphere. This is a video documenting the piece that was created in 2015.

Director : Craig Cutler
DP : Stephen Meierding
Score : Sami Jano
Editor : Stephen Meierding
Producer : Fela Cortes
Peg Device Designer : Joshua Sterns
Cast: Daniel Zverref
Animators: Ethan Herrington, Juan Ude Alvarez Cordon, Madeline Donahue, Sean Greathead
Gaffer: Jeff Cate

Copyright 2016 : Craig Cutler Studios